Glenorchy City Council

Glenorchy delivers Main Road project to within 5% of budget thanks to Benchmark Estimating Software

The facelift to Main Road at Moonah by Glenorchy City Council was successfully completed in 2007. Tasked with revitalising the strip, Glenorchy City Council knew such a high profile task would need to run on time and on budget.

As Michael Jackson, Coordinator of Capital Works says, “The Main Road project was always going to be delicate due to its high public exposure. We also needed to accurately allow for traffic control of over 5000 cars per day. In this highly visible environment, the project needed to run smoothly and run to budget. To achieve these things we had to start with an accurate estimate.”

Michael continues, “We performed the estimate using Benchmark Estimating Software, which we have been using for 7 years. To produce the estimate, it was simply a matter of choosing the items we needed, customising the estimate for the job, and allowing for the unique conditions of the project. This included applying different overheads and variations for things such as traffic control for in excess of 5000 per day.”

And what was the result of the estimate created in Benchmark Estimating Software?

Michael tells us, “We ended up getting the estimate within 5% of the actual costs for the $750,000 project.”

Glenorchy City Council and Benchmark Estimating Software

Glenorchy City Council has been using Benchmark Estimating Software since the year 2000 to help it deliver infrastructure projects to the Glenorchy citizens on budget and on time.

Michael says, “Our current database is set up around road construction and hydraulics, and we have started to include more areas like retaining walls, architectural features and landscaping criteria. The long term plan would be to incorporate all parks and gardens works and to get even more of the hydraulics works included.”

Michael sums up that Benchmark Estimating Software is great for public works organisations because it is, “flexible enough to produce estimates for any type of construction work, because it speeds up the estimating processes and because it is great for determining the composition of your budgets. For our budgets, we input various works into Benchmark Estimating Software until we find the best mix for the work to be completed.”

In the public works sector, completing projects to a fixed budget is vital. And that is exactly what Benchmark Estimating Software’s mix of accuracy, flexibility and speed allows Glenorchy City Council to do for their residents. In one high profile instance – the Main Road enhancement at Moonah – the final project was delivered within 5% of the estimate.

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