First Benchmark Estimating Distributor appointed

Early last year we announced that we had established a Benchmark Estimating Software Partner Program aimed at continuing the growth of our business both within Australia and around the world. As part of the ongoing development of our Partner Program, we are pleased to announce that we have appointed our first international Distributor, Antipody International, who will be assisting our business in its expansion across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain.

Antipody International specialises in assisting businesses, particularly those in Australia and New Zealand, who wish to expand into Spain. Their team has a large amount of experience working in and with international businesses and assists businesses in the research, planning and execution of a company’s expansion.

Antipody’s directors, Amy-Ruth MacDonald and Enrique Perez Garcia have both worked extensively in international businesses and Amy-Ruth was the driving force behind the establishment of the Benchmark Estimating office in the United Kingdom in 2006. Both directors have also been instrumental in the localisation of Benchmark Estimating Software for the Spanish speaking market with Enrique having spent many hours translating the software and supporting documentation into Spanish.

Part of the role of a Benchmark Estimating Distributor is also to look after the needs of Resellers. Antipody International will be doing this for Benchmark Estimating Software Reseller Partners in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain.

On becoming a Benchmark Estimating Software Distributor, Antipody International Director, Enrique Perez Garcia, says “Antipody International is so pleased to be playing such a key role in the expansion of Benchmark Estimating Software into the international marketplace. We look forward to helping Resellers become a part of the Benchmark Estimating Software Partner Program and truly believe that Benchmark Estimating Software is a superior estimating product that can give these Resellers an edge against their competitors”.

If you are interested in joining the Benchmark Estimating Software Partner Program and are located in the UK, Ireland or Spain, please contact Antipody International for more information.

For more information on the Benchmark Estimating Software Partner Program, please visit our Partner Page

Antipody International

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