Feature Focus- Regionalisation

Introduced with Version 7.3 of Benchmark Estimating Software, our Regionalisation feature is helping clients better adapt their pricing to geographical regions.

Regionalisation has been designed specifically for organisations who operate over a large geographical area and who have costs that vary across this area. The new feature allows users to “regionalise” their database as well as various Libraries within Benchmark Estimating Software including the Item, Resource and Routine Libraries.

Director of Benchmark Estimating Rob MacDonald explains the Regionalisation feature. “For a company working in a busy environment such as Western Australia, Regionalisation is very powerful. Costs are different in Perth to Port Headland in the Pilbara or Kununurra in the north. Using Regionalisation an organisation can set up one database and estimators can select a region such as Perth, Pilbara or Kimberley, and an estimate is automatically produced based on costs in the selected region. In my opinion Regionalisation is one of the most valuable features in Benchmark Estimating Software”.

Benchmark Estimating Software also allows you to set up advanced user based permissions so that estimators can be assigned regions to work within. Once permissions are assigned, the user can only access data for their specified region. Alternatively, multi-region users can also be established. This gives you greater control over your estimating processes.

With the Regionalisation feature of Benchmark Estimating Software, users gain even more accuracy for their estimates and improved cost control in their business as a whole. Coupled with the power of a Microsoft SQL database, users also enjoy more efficient data administration and better business reporting.

The Regionalisation feature is exclusive to the Corporate Edition of Benchmark Estimating Software. Download a feature brochure

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