Feature Focus – Progress Claims

If you issue claims for payment to your client as your job progresses, you can use Benchmark Estimating Software’s Progress Claim function to make your claims more accurate and your processes more efficient.


The Progress Claims feature within Benchmark Estimating Software has always been popular with users as it helps you save time preparing Progress Claims, also known as Valuations, for payment. This feature also helps you ensure your Progress Claims or Valuation Statements are accurate and free from errors.

Some of the main advantages of Progress Claims include:

  • The ability to enter progress data for each Item in your Project, and produce Progress Claim reports directly from your estimate, which you can then submit to your client
  • The flexibility to issue claims either by percentage complete for each Item or a Quantity complete for each Item
  • When you price Variations in Benchmark Estimating Software, they flow through to your Progress Claims but remain separate from the rest of your claim making it easier to keep track of them
  • The Progress Claim feature also handles Retentions. For each claim that is entered, the system will automatically calculate the Retention based on the amount claimed and the Retention percentage set. Benchmark Estimating Software will continue to calculate Retentions until a nominated, maximum retention value is reached or Practical Completion is reached
  • Your accounting department can use the Progress Claims generated by Benchmark Estimating Software to form the basis of invoices that you send to clients. Using the total of the Progress Claim, they can raise an invoice for that amount then simply attach the Progress Claim generated by our software to support your invoice. This saves your accounting department having to retype information into invoices
  • There are four different Progress Claim Reports for an individual claim including a one-page Summary (cover sheet), detailed reports Item by Item, a Claim Report with Options so you can customise the format of the report, and a report showing summary data for the last four claims. This gives you a better overview of your claims and gives you greater flexibility to create claims to suit your and your client’s needs.

What clients say about Progress Claims

“Benchmark Estimating Software’s Progress Claim feature is fantastic. Using our previous spreadsheet system, producing different claims for the different jobs we have running at the one time, took many hours and was fraught with potential errors. Benchmark’s Progress Claim feature makes our Claims process a lot more efficient and eliminates the possibility of mistakes. It works really well for us that’s for sure.”    

Claudine McBeath, Financial Controller / QA Manager.  Eire Contractors, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Enhancements to Progress Claims in 7.4

With Version 7.4, we’ve enhanced the Progress Claims feature to make it more encompassing of all of the tasks associated with making claims to your clients throughout the life of your Projects. Improvements made include:

  • You can now edit Item descriptions in the Progress Claim Input window without having to return to the Project Items window
  • You can add comments to an Item in the Progress Claim Input window and these comments will flow through to your detailed Claim reports
  • You can flag a Progress Claim to indicate that “practical completion” has occurred. This will allow you to “release” Retention held based on user definable % or lump sum values
  • You can flag a job as “Complete” meaning no more Progress Claims or Valuations are required
  • We’ve added a new Progress Claim Summary report that can be accessed from the Project Browser. It provides you with a 360 degree view of all Claim summary values for “un-complete” jobs.
The Progress Claim Summary Report is accessed from the Project Browser

 How to create a Progress Claim

To add a Progress Claim to a Project, follow these steps:

1. In the Project Details window, right click and select ‘Go To’ > ‘Progress Claims. The Progress Claim window is then displayed. This window shows a list of all of your Progress Claims already made for this Project. In this example, two claims have already been made against this job.

[singlepic id=86 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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2. Right click and select ‘Add’.

3. Enter the details for the claim including ‘Date for Payment’ (this may already be populated depending on your Administration settings), the date range for the claim and the terms of the claim.

4. Claims are automatically calculated by ‘Quantity Complete’. If you wish to claim by Percentage complete, select the ‘Claim as Percentage not Quantity’ check box. If you always claim by percentage, you can set this as a default in the Administration settings under the Progress Claims tab.

5. You can also include Retention at this stage – check your User Manual for instructions on how to include Retentions in your Progress Claims

6. Right click and select ‘OK’. The Progress Claim input window will be displayed, ready for you to begin entering Progress Data.

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7. Right click and select ‘Edit’.

8. Select the ‘Completed %’ or ‘Completed Qty’ column for the first Item you wish to claim, and type in the total % or Quantity Complete for this Item. Press <Enter> or the down arrow on the keyboard to move to the next Item.

9. Continue entering data until you have entered data for each Item you are claiming for this Claim.

10. Right-click and select ‘OK’

You have now completed your Progress Claim. You can generate a Progress Claim report which you can send to your client.

Progress Claim Reports can be accessed from the Progress Claims window under the ‘Reports’ Tab

For more information on Progress Claims (Valuations) and how this feature can help your business, contact us today or request a staff guided demonstration.