Feature Focus – Add Item from Project

The release of Version 7.3 of Benchmark Estimating Software saw the inclusion of a handy new feature that allows estimators to use Items from previous Projects more effectively in their current estimate.

Add Item from Project allows estimators to use Items from previous Projects, rather than from their Item Library giving them greater flexibility in the way they price a Project. It also provides users with a more efficient and powerful way of copying and pasting Items between Projects.

The Add Item from Project function of our estimating software is a great feature for all users as it allows you to use data from historical bids in your current bid with greater ease and more functionality than standard copy/paste features. Essentially, it saves you having to re-invent the wheel with every new Project and saves you time by eliminating the need to retype details.

How to Use Add Item from Project

The process for adding an Item from  Project is easy with Benchmark Estimating Software. In the Project Items window

  1. Select “Add Item from Project”
  2. Select the Project you wish to add an Item from
  3. Select the Items and enter the required quantities
Add Item From Project

In the ‘Project Items’ window, right-click and select ‘Add Item from Project’


  • This feature also offers users the ability to Copy the Submission Rate of the Item between Projects. This will fix the Submission Rate in the Spread window of the current Project the user is pricing. Users who do not want to copy the Submission Rate between Projects are recommended to disable this setting in the Administration window as shown below. You will, however, still have the ability to modify this on a case by case basis in a Project.
Admin Settings for Add Item to Project

In “Administration”–>”General”, uncheck “Default ‘Copy Submission Price’ Check box in Add/Allocate Item from Projects to Checked”

  • To provide organisations with control over which users can access this feature, each Estimator needs to be granted access to this in the Estimator Library.

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