Exceeding client’s expectations & being more competitive – Benchmark delivers for D Group!

D Group is Canberra’s market leader in integrated civil, hydraulics and management projects, employing over 100 people and working on many landmark projects across the ACT.

From medical facilities such as the Belconnen Community Health Centre, to luxury hotels including The Realm Precinct, and nationally significant buildings such as the Australian War Memorial, D Group has built an enviable reputation for delivering high quality, best practice workmanship and impeccable client service.

But even the most successful businesses face challenges in constantly improving their levels of client service and delivery and with 90% of their business deriving from repeat clients, D Group is continually seeking new ways to keep their competitive edge and exceed their clients’ expectations.

Profile of D Group

  • Web site: dgroup.com.au
  • Industry: Civil & Hydraulics
  • Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia
  • Year Established: 1999
  • Number of Employees: 100+

A software solution to meet a challenging work environment

To achieve their business goals, D Group identified 3 specific challenges, which they wanted to meet through the installation of a commercial estimating system.

D Group required an estimating solution that:

  • would allow them the ability to produce meaningful reports
  • would increase their efficiency by preparing estimates faster and thus save them time, and
  • was backed by a software vendor that would provide support to their estimators.

To achieve these objectives and meet their challenges, D Group selected Benchmark Estimating Software.

“After receiving a demonstration of Benchmark and seeing the power it could give to our estimating team it was an easy decision to make in the end,” Ben Moseley, Project Manager for D Group said.

Having worked with large organisations, who are users of Benchmark Estimating Software, Ben and his team knew that Benchmark could be a successful fit for D Group. The team were looking for a software package that aligned with the varied work that D Group undertake such as civil works and hydraulics. They were also looking for a company that aligned with their business ideas of partnership and teamwork.

Benchmark Estimating Software delivered!testimonial1

The software system seamlessly integrated into the D Group management system and within a short time was fully operational and providing the entire team, from head office through estimators to on site operations with valuable reports, forecasting and budgeting, to achieve efficiencies across the board.

“For us it is money well spent, a great investment. It’s all about the quality of the information that we can get out of the Benchmark software,” Ben said.

“With the reports from Benchmark Estimating Software, we are able to do our forecast budgeting and can report on the quantities we need for each project. It’s phenomenal that our estimators can hand a report to the foreman on site who will have accurate hours, tonnes and real knowledge about what is needed. This is invaluable to our company and saves on wastage and means much smoother running projects.” Ben Moseley said.

Meeting the needs of a changing work landscape

D Group_war memorial

War memorial project worked on by D Group (image source www.dgroup.com.au)

The second of D Group’s objectives was speed of preparing estimates.

Ben explained that the way that people work and the speed with which they expect quotes has changed. The digital work environment means that clients now want and expect the numbers quickly. They don’t want to wait for quotes. It’s all about flexibility and turnaround…. “an issue which is trending more and more widely across the entire construction industry”.

Since installing Benchmark Estimating Software, the speed of preparing estimations and the company’s overall ability to quote even the most complex projects, has increased dramatically.

“We would be producing around 200 quotes each week now,” Ben said, “we also needed a system to increase our efficiency – we needed an efficient platform.testimonial2

This need for an increase in quoting in a fast and accurate way was the initial catalyst that led D Group to Benchmark and Ben expressed “I have to say that we have made a 50% saving in time for our quotations.”

This saving in time has meant that not only do more quotes get produced overall and in a more accurate and consistent manner, but it also frees up more time for staff to concentrate on building the business and running their projects in an innovative and efficient way.

The time and efficiency factor also dramatically increases client satisfaction levels by being able to respond to their requests for quotes, estimates and reports in an extremely timely manner.

The human element of the software – user partnership

In selecting the right estimating software system to suit their business, D Group also specified a system that provided a support network for their estimators.

Ben Moseley said D Group has found this support with Benchmark.

D Group_city west

City West (Canberra) project worked on by D Group (image source www.dgroup.com.au)

“It’s not just the software, which is great, but it’s the training, support and the software updates that have meant it’s more like getting into a business partnership with Benchmark – which has been a very rewarding partnership.” Ben said.

Ben Moseley said that taking on Benchmark Estimating Software had been a rewarding investment for D Group, which is always evolving and improving and Benchmark looks forward to a long collaboration with the company well into the future.


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