Citywide Service Solutions

Citywide confidently controls estimating across several divisions

Citywide Service Solutions is one of Australia’s fastest growing physical services companies. A diverse business, Citywide provides environmental, engineering and maintenance services to both the commercial and government sectors, including; civil contracting, asphalt supply & paving, waste collection, recycling, horticulture, arboriculture, street cleaning and parking meter maintenance.

Central to Citywide’s current success and continued growth is their ability to produce accurate, profitable and competitive estimates. Securing diverse, long-term service contracts for large Local Government organisations and winning profitable asphalt and road projects are key elements of Citywide’s growth strategy.

Moving away from Spreadsheets

Citywide previously used spreadsheets for their estimating, but spreadsheets are prone to error and make controlling the estimating process very difficult. Citywide’s Senior Estimator, Mark Scolyer says, “We previously used spreadsheets for estimating, but it is just so easy to miss a simple link which can lead to embarrassing and costly errors. To minimise this risk, we had to move our estimating process to a more robust, controlled system.”

Controlling estimating across diverse divisions

Citywide’s chosen tool to tackle estimates ranging from large Government works contracts to smaller, day-to-day asphalt quotes is now Benchmark Estimating Software.

Mark details the process behind Citywide’s adoption of Benchmark Estimating Software. He says, “Initially the asphalt division wanted to gain greater control over the estimating process, saw that Benchmark was essentially the standard in the Australian asphalting industry, and quickly adopted the software. Not long after that, the Civil Care department, which handles the important Local Government contracts, began to search for a better way to estimate. After an extensive search it was soon discovered that Benchmark would also be the most reliable system for our civil works.”

One feature that particularly impresses Mark for the day-to-day estimating is the Production Rate functionality. Mark says, “If the works are similar, I can copy a previous project, modify the productivity to suit the new project, and the new estimate is well underway.”Mark concludes, “The most appealing aspects of Benchmark are that it gives us consistency, reliability, and the confidence that all estimates are going to be based on the right numbers.” Because of this, Benchmark is now the central system used to create Citywide’s most important estimates.

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