Meeting the Challenges of an Evolving Government Organisation

Six months after publishing the success story of a large government organisation who approached us with their specific requirements for an estimating system, we follow-up to see how the software is working for them. Benchmark Estimating Software introduced an estimating model for the client to address their initial challenge with the aim of increasing productivity and the accuracy of their estimates.

WT Partnership Finds Easiest Route for a large government organisation

When faced with the challenge of easily making changes to a very large database for their client without having to go through every single project, WT Partnership (WTP) had no hesitation in selecting Benchmark Estimating Software.
WTP purchased a Benchmark corporate licence in December 2014 for their client, a large government organisation, and is currently in the process of building their database for 22 projects under their specific program.

Adapting and Growing with a Changing Organisation

A large government organisation has been using Benchmark Estimating Software for many years and as a long-term user with evolving and changing requirements is an outstanding example of how our system can be adapted to suit large and ever-changing organisations.

Tweed Shire Council finds it easy to control costs and analyse trends

Tweed Shire Council invested in Benchmark Estimating Software some years ago and is appreciating the benefits of this astute decision, producing on average about 30 estimates each year.

Citywide Service Solutions

Citywide’s chosen tool to tackle estimates ranging from large Government works contracts to smaller, day-to-day asphalt quotes is Benchmark Estimating Software.

Brisbane CityWorks

Brisbane CityWorks Asphalt Operations Group use Benchmark Estimating Software as it allows for innovation, facilitation of the continued growth of the organisation, and integrates their business systems so they efficiently and effectively deliver to their customers.

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council originally purchased 5 Benchmark licenses in 1998, and now have a staggering 15 people using Benchmark Estimating Software.

Cairns Regional Council

Cairns Regional Council joins over 50 other Local Government bodies using Benchmark. The flexibility of the Software makes it perfect for a range of staff within Local Government organisations, offering one single system for Strategic Budgeting, Design estimates and detailed Works estimating.

Logan City Council

Benchmark’s Fundamentals of Estimating Workshop at Logan City Council provided several benefits for the individual participant, including the considerable advantages of having multiple Councils in attendance.

Glenorchy City Council

In the public works sector, completing projects to a fixed budget is vital. That is exactly what Benchmark Estimating Software’s mix of accuracy, flexibility and speed allows Glenorchy City Council to do for their residents.