New levels of estimating profitability, productivity and professionalism – with Benchmark Estimating Software V7.8

Our new corporate branding has been timed to coincide with the release of our new software version 7.8 and reinforce our key deliverables:

profitable | productive | professional

Version 7.8 is the second biggest release of Benchmark Estimating Software in terms of features. With an impressive number of 147 features and improvements, our software provides you with:

  • More competitive estimates to deliver greater profitability
  • An optimised user experience for increased productivity
  • More secure estimating data for greater professionalism

1. Greater productivity and shorter learning curve with the new ‘Project Explorer’

Our new Project Explorer feature provides a familiar ‘tree view’ on the left side of a Project allowing easier and quicker navigation through your BOQ. You have the opportunity now to quickly drill down to the Resource level, within seconds.

In the Project Explorer, you can also Expand to Item and Expand to Resource and Collapse All to save time. The Filter feature helps you find important Items (i.e. un-priced Items or those not yet Complete) easier and faster, so you can complete estimates and reviews faster and with more confidence.

Project Explorer – click to enlarge the image

2. Benefit from more streamlined estimating processes with ‘Template Projects’

The new version 7.8 of Benchmark Estimating Software includes a Template Project Library allowing users to easily create and maintainTemplate Projects.

my-benchmark-projects-with-add-from-template-icon-annotated This new feature includes security access control over which users can create, edit and delete Template Projects. In addition, estimating processes become more streamlined with the brand-new Add from Template Project feature, and business reporting more accurate.

This new feature even tracks which estimates are based on Template Projects, offering you powerful analysis data to help you audit and improve your estimating operations.

3. More effective and efficient user administration through ‘Role Based Access’

The new Role Based Access feature allows administrators to define roles, such as ‘Senior Estimator’, ‘Manager’ or ‘Administrator’. It is now possible to assign default Access Levels to Roles and assign Roles to Estimators. The benefits of this new feature are obvious: rather than editing each Estimator in the estimator library, you can make changes to a Role, which will subsequently change for all Estimators. The end result is faster, more accurate user administration, and improved security of your estimating data.

Role Based Access

Role Based Access

4. Another level of Estimator Security

Security is the cornerstone of Benchmark Estimating Software, and we continuously make changes to provide you with even better levels of security of your estimating data.

The improved user interface of the Estimator Library contains more granular security controls for Libraries and many new controls. Our new drop down field data entry (including 5 access permissions as well as ‘Yes/No’ selections) replaces free text input for many access levels which leads to less chance of errors setting up users.

5. More personalised use of the enhanced Project Browser

Version 7.8 offers an enhanced user experience, with Project Browser improvements allowing you to find projects and data faster and easier, leading to greater productivity and better business reporting.

Highlights include:

  • New Field Selection feature – customisable columns at Project, Section, Item and Resource levels
  • New column Sort feature – customisable sort on Project, Section, Item and Resource data
  • New Export to Excel feature – options to base on Project Browser view, or fully expanded or full collapsed views
  • New Expand to Item, Expand to Resource and Collapse All features
  • Drag drop column re-ordering

6. Nominate a ‘Bid Team’ for greater control and security

You can now nominate a team of estimators to work on and be able to access a particular Project. This feature represents another level of security, restricting access to particular Projects in Benchmark Estimating Software.

7. More powerful Project search to find your estimating data easier and faster

The new Advanced Find feature in the Project Browser enables you to find the data you need faster and easier, providing you with a more granular search capability at Project, Section, Item and Resource level.

Project Browser find

8. Localised calculations for a better user experience

With many users from across the world, Benchmark Estimating Software is dedicated to developing features to meet and exceed everyone’s estimating needs. V7.8 now caters for all countries that use a comma as decimal separator in quantity calculations, rather than a full stop. This new feature has been implemented in Routine calculations, Item/Resource Quantity calculations and reports/windows that display calculations.

If your organisation works across countries and in a single Benchmark database, you can even customise your decimal separator setting (full stop or comma) on an estimator-per-estimator basis. Ultimate flexibility and better user experience for each user.

9. Improved Project Spread for more profitable estimates

Further improvements that will benefit many Benchmark Estimating Software users have been introduced to the Project Spread. The following new features and enhancements will allow users to make better decisions on bid rates, for more profitable and competitive estimates:

  • Improved user interface
  • New “advanced” Spread algorithm as default
  • New columns/fields for Unit, Margin and Margin %
  • New feature to show the default Submission Rate
  • New feature to show deviation from default Submission Amount
  • New feature to show Revenue Driver data

‘Project Spread’ window

10. Maximise your profitability with the new ‘Revenue Driver’ feature

With the introduction of the Revenue Driver feature, you can maximise your profitability by making more informed business decisions. If you want to analyse your performance by a specific parameter that is the KPI for your business (such as total tonnage for Asphalt companies), then this feature is right for you.

Apart from viewing Revenue Driver metrics for each bid item in the Project Spread window, you can view the total Revenue Driver for a Project in the ‘Project Details’ window and you can export your Revenue Driver quantities and average submission rates to help you review and improve your business performance.

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