Benchmark Estimating Software V7.7 released – Better user experience, improved security, higher productivity and flexibility & faster estimating

Benchmark Estimating Software never stops improving. Based on feedback and needs of our clients, we keep developing our software, so that we can offer the greatest and most valuable benefits for our users. In our new release of Version 7.7 we implemented 15 new features as well as a multitude of improvements. All these developments will allow you to win more projects, obtain more accurate budgets for projects and make higher profits for your projects.

Benchmark Estimating Software Version 7.7 will pave the way to your success – through smarter estimating and increased productivity.


tick 15 new features
tick 60 improvements
tick Highlights of new features:

  • Multi-currency
  • Drag and Drop function
  • Resource Analysis graphs
  • LDAP single sign-on
  • …and much more!

1. Produce more accurate bids with resources priced in multiple currencies

Our ‘Multi-currency’ feature allows both multinational organisations, as well as companies who use resources from countries with different currencies, simple Exchange Rate management. Resources can now be priced in multiple currencies and Benchmark Estimating Software does all currency conversion calculations automatically.

Produce more accurate bids and increase your chance of winning more work by purchasing this feature that is available as an ‘add-on module’ only!

The ability of the new version 7.7 of Benchmark Estimating Software allows you to quickly and easily adjust an exchange rate across a bid. This helps you to produce more accurate estimates quickly and with confidence.


Multi-currency – Please click to enlarge the image

A graphical and tabular analysis tools give you powerful what-if analysis data before committing your exchange rate changes.

Make reviewing multi-currency bids faster and more effective, by getting the ‘Multi-Currency’ Add on-module!

Benefit from increased efficiency, less chance of error and greater accuracy across your business, as you now have the ability to maintain all your supplier’s price lists from all countries in one single database.

It’s important to know that administrators can maintain default Currency details including exchange rates and currency formats, so they have full control in order to increase consistency across your business.

In addition, you can now nominate specific exchange rates for certain resources where you may have contracted exchange rates with a Supplier.

Benefit from greater flexibility in setting up your price lists to handle real world scenarios!

2. Produce more competitive estimates through instantaneous analysis of Resource Rate Changes

Seven additional columns in the Resource Rate Change window allows estimators to quickly analyse the Resource usage on a bid.

When changing a resource rate, you can instantly see the updated total costs, as well as the difference between new and current total costs, as a number and as percentage.

These improvements provide estimators and managers more thorough data analysis on which to base critical bid decisions. This feature can be particularly useful for ‘what if’ analysis in order to produce more competitive estimates.


Project Resource Rate change – Please click to enlarge the image

3. Make better bid decisions through improved visual analysis

In addition to our improved Resource Rate Change feature, we introduced new Resource Usage analysis graphs, as part of Version 7.7. Our new ‘Resource Analysis graphs’ help estimators to visualise where the money is in an estimate. This tool makes it easy to understand the visual breakdown of project costs – by Resource Category and Resource Group. Make better bid decisions and produce more competitive estimates – with Benchmark Estimating Software Version 7.7!


Resource Analysis graphs – Please click to enlarge the screenshot

4. Customise your Benchmark windows to suit your business

Our software users now have more flexibility to manage the settings to suit their operations and thus improve their staff’s morale and productivity. It’s easy to activate and hide more columns, and also elect to display submission data, in the main Project windows. Ensure better estimating through a flexible software, suited to your needs!

5. Save time adding Resources with the easy-to-use Drag and Drop function

When adding Resources from the Library, users can now ‘drag and drop’ Resources into an Item or Routine which makes the use of our software even easier and faster.


Drag and Drop function – Please click to enlarge the image

6. Save time and have a better user experience with our improved Progress Claims feature

Project Managers and Estimators can now enter progress claim data more easily, which saves them time.


Progress Claims input – Please click to enlarge the image

In addition this improved feature enables them to export this resource-usage data into MS Excel. This helps companies in their job costing processes by comparing estimates to actuals and thus make important business decisions.


Export to MS Excel menu

7. Benefit from an improved Duplicate Project feature

With the release of V7.7 the Duplicate project feature has been redesigned and is now easier to use, which leads to improved user morale, as projects can be set up more easily.


Duplicate Project

8. Better control over user’s access levels

By introducing 6 new user access levels, managers now have a greater security over their data quality, as they can control what the users can or cannot do within an organisation. These features are useful, for example, for restricting changes in exchange rates, and also the deletion or creation of projects.


6 new user access levels

9. Better user experience through ‘Localisation’ of currency formats

As Benchmark Estimating Software is used around the world, we understand that it’s essential for quotes to have numbers and currency displayed in various different formats, depending on the region and culture. Version 7.7 of Benchmark Estimating Software allows users to select their region, and have the right format displayed automatically.


Localisation – Please click to enlarge the image

10. Improved security over your estimating data with our new ‘Single sign-on’ (LDAP) feature

The ‘Single sign-on’ concept makes our software very user-friendly, as our software users don’t need to remember multiple logins/passwords any longer. In addition to more efficiency, the integration with LDAP provides our users with increased security over their estimating data.


Single sign-on (LDAP) feature

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