Benchmark Estimating Software is now available in French and Dutch and also supports Windows 10

With Benchmark Estimating Software growing globally and being used across many different languages, we are happy to announce that our software is now available in two more languages: French and Dutch.

This means that we now cover 10 different languages, including Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian, Slovene and Spanish.

This offering of a variety of language options puts Benchmark Estimating Software in a great position to cover large areas of the European and Central/South American markets.

In addition, we always make sure, our software is compatible with the win_10latest Microsoft Windows products, and integrates with the latest MS Office versions. Benchmark Estimating Software now supports Windows 10, which gives our users even more flexibility with their operating systems.

If you are interested in purchasing Benchmark Estimating Software in one of these language options, or would like Benchmark translated into your language, please contact us.