Introducing Benchmark Estimating Software Version 7

With leading edge performance, a stylish new design, industry-leading technology and over 60 enhancements, Version 7 of Benchmark Estimating Software will take your estimating to a new level, maximise your staff productivity and optimise your business performance.


  • Be more productive – as estimators, project managers, managers and other staff operate up to 4 times faster
  • Produce more estimates and better estimates in less time
  • Obtain a competitive advantage
  • Provide its key personnel with a more enjoyable estimating system to use
  • Extract its estimating data easier for more effective business analysis
  • Streamline integration with other business information systems
  • Produce more robust business reporting
  • Increase revenue and maximise profits

Leading edge performance

Version 7 allows you to produce estimates up to 74% faster than Version 6! This saves you time and money and allows you to produce more estimates faster for an advantage over your competitors. Version 7 achieves this through the use of industry-leading technology, an improved database structure and significant investment by our development team to optimise the system.

Stylish new design

A stylish new design and professionally designed icons combine to offer end-users a unique and very satisfying estimating experience. Examples of the stylish new design are demonstrated in the following Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow.

Industry leading technology

Microsoft SQL Server® database


One of industry’s leading database systems, Microsoft SQL Server® offers our clients many features and benefits including:  > better data management   > more effective database backup and restore opportunities > more compressed database file sizes > better integration opportunities > easier extraction of data



Client-server technology means that minimal data is passed across your network, and that the processing of your important estimating data is performed by the powerful Microsoft SQL Server.  This helps improve performance, improves productivity, and minimises the chance of data loss for optimum data integrity.

Microsoft .NET Framework®


Version 7 is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, one of the industry’s leading software development platforms.  This enables the Benchmark Estimating development team to develop beautiful software.

Crystal Reports®


All reports in Version 7 are written in Crystal Reports, one of the industry’s leading report writing tools.  This results in well laid out reports together with the added functionality of automatic exports to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDF formats.  You can even write your own reports in Crystal Reports.

Enhanced Product offering

Benchmark Estimating is pleased to announce a third estimating software product – the Version 7 “Corporate” edition.  The Benchmark Estimating Software Version 7 products are therefore:

  • Compact
  • Professional*
  • Corporate

*The Professional version is the Version 6 “FULL” product re-branded.

In Version 7 the Professional version, our most popular product, now includes the “Power Routines” and “Resource-based Export to Microsoft Project” features as standard – these two great features offer amazing benefits to all Professional users.

The new Corporate edition of our estimating software includes the amazingly powerful “Regionalisation” feature.

To view a complete breakdown of the main features that are in Compact, Professional and Corporate please visit the Features page.

Over 60 functional enhancements

Version 7 contains many new enhancements that will add value to many day-to-day estimating functions.  If you are an existing user and haven’t seen the comprehensive Release Notes then please fill in the feedback form asking for them, or simply ring us, and we will email them to you.

Read more about the main enhancements in Version 7…

Improved support documentation

The Benchmark team understands the importance of having quality support resources in place for its users.  The following documentation is available with Version 7:

  • A re-designed User Manual
  • A brand new Installation Manual
  • A new electronic Help system

Version 6 to Version 7 data converter

The Benchmark team has developed a data conversion tool for its Version 6 clients. This user-friendly tool helps Version 6 users convert their important data to Version 7 format quickly and easily.

Copyright This information is copyright of Benchmark Estimating Software. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server are copyright of the Microsoft Corporation.  Crystal Reports is copyright of Business Objects.