Allens Asphalt

Benchmark Estimating Software aligns with Allens Asphalt’s goals; makes staff happier

“Benchmark is very good for me because the less typing I have to do the happier I am”, Geoff O’Rourke, Chief Estimator for Allens Asphalt, says with a laugh.

With this casual comment, Geoff beautifully encapsulates one of the many reasons why so many people love Benchmark Estimating Software – because it saves you re-typing data into your estimates, quotes and business reports all the time.

But this is not the only reason why Allens Asphalt is so fond of Benchmark Estimating Software.

“We know our methods are standardised and our prices are accurate and consistent…”

Allens Asphalt – Committed to the future, committed to clients.

Allens Asphalt is a 20 year old, 85 employee strong company operating in and around Caboolture in South East Queensland, Australia. They specialise in  road construction and subdivision work and also provide asphalt products and services. They perform work for Local and State Governments and many clients in the Private sector.

On their website, Allens Asphalt states that they are “an expanding Company with our aims focused on the future”, and that “the use of modern technological methods and the integration of innovative ideas ensures our customers…are guaranteed the best in Service and Quality”.

Benchmark Estimating Software is helping Allens Asphalt achieve these objectives.

Standardising pricing methods and creating consistency in the business.

Benchmark Estimating Software helps Allens Asphalt focus on the future through providing timely information for business decisions and through creating organisational consistency.

Geoff says, “Benchmark’s many business reports allow me to review historical performance when I need to, which greatly helps when making business decisions. We also use Benchmark for all of our estimates. It provides a good benchmark – pardon the pun – for producing our estimates because we know that our methods are standardised and our prices are accurate and consistent.”

Providing customers with great service and quality, Benchmark Estimating Software contains modern, innovative features that help Allens Asphalt deliver on their guarantee to provide their customers with exceptional service and quality.
Allens Asphalt is producing customised quotes for their clients using the Microsoft Word® Quote templates in Benchmark Estimating Software’s Version 6.05, and they customise their database to best suit their clients requirements.

Geoff says, “The Word® quotes improve the aesthetics of what we send and allow us to include special messages on our customers’ quotes to ensure they get all the information they need. We also set up our Items to match our customers’ schedules so we can very quickly produce the tenders our clients require in the format that best suits them.”


Benchmark Estimating Software comfortably integrates into the Allens Asphalt organisation and aligns with their goals. And Benchmark Estimating Software helps to keep the staff happy because much of their time consuming  re-typing when producing asphalt estimates has been eliminated!