Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

Conserving our scarce resources

“Drought” is a word on everyone’s mind lately, so it comes as no surprise that water authorities throughout the nation are focusing on preserving and conserving this invaluable resource.

Hunter Water saw an opportunity to dramatically increase the holding capacity of Grahamstown Lake at Raymond Terrace, north of Newcastle. This $12 million project called for a new embankment and spillway on the Grahamstown Dam, which when completed in August 2005, will increase the capacity of the Lake by an astounding 63,000 mega litres, or around 50%.

Since Grahamstown Lake supplies around half of Newcastle’s water demand, it isn’t hard to see why this project is so important to help manage the City’s growth requirements and to help insulate it against the impact of water scarcity.

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure tendered for the project using Benchmark Estimating Software. Abergeldie is a mid-size contractor, employing over 60 engineers and field staff. They specialise in public infrastructure projects for government departments and organisations such as Brisbane City Council, RMS and various water authorities.

New South Wales Construction Manager, Michael Trumm needed an estimating system, which could handle a complex schedule of rates consisting of 112 separate items. Abergeldie has been a multi-user of Benchmark Estimating Software for some years, and Michael knew the software could make this task relatively simple. He says “Because we could have two or three estimators working concurrently on this project, we were able to produce an accurate winning estimate in a very short time”.

This multi-user capability is just one of the many benefits that makes Benchmark Estimating Software the estimating software of choice for an increasing number of businesses and organisations involved in significant projects.

On Abergeldie’s Grahamstown Dam project, all of the Benchmark Estimating Software features contributed to a winning estimate according to Michael, who states “One of the big attractions of Benchmark is that it offers a total package for estimating”.

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