A Christmas Message from Benchmark Estimating

This year, we’re letting our software do the talking for us in the form of a specially designed Christmas Routine generated by Benchmark Estimating Software. Follow the Screenshots down the page to estimate the cost of our Christmas tree and presents and reveal our Christmas message…

First we add our Project

Then we enter the details into our Christmas Tree Routine and hit ‘Build’

Our Christmas tree is priced and our Christmas message is revealed!

Routines are a great feature of Benchmark Estimating Software and can be written to estimate a wide variety of repetitive activities where multiple variables can affect your price. As you can see from our message, they are very flexible and can even be a bit of fun! If you would like help with writing Routines for your business, contact our team.

Once again, from all the team at Benchmark Estimating, we wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2012!