Feature focus – Project Explorer & Item Filter

Navigating your bill of quantities (BOQ) is very easy with Benchmark’s Project Explorer feature. You can quickly expand to the Item and Resource level of your project, and switch between BOQ Items with speed and simplicity. This intuitive feature saves estimators time, and also makes it easier for new users to learn the software.


This paper highlights a case study of how Highways England is utilising the services of Benchmark Estimating in conjunction with a parametric model in Benchmark Estimating Software to assist it in the implementation of its Managed Motorway Programme.

Une Formation sur mesure pour Colas

Benchmark Estimating Software est désormais utilisé dans plus de 20 pays et par de très importantes entreprises multinationales. Il est donc impératif d’adopter une approche plus personnalisée pour aider ces clients à facilement installer et intégrer notre logiciel. Le Groupe Colas, parmi d’autres, a décidé de profiter de cette approche, et représente un modèle de […]


Rising to the challenge of changing job prospects

Benchmark Estimating Software and its sister company MIEngineers were privileged to collaborate with the University of Sydney’s, Uni 2 Beyond, internship pilot program and are extremely proud of the great success achieved by this pioneering initiative. Uni 2 Beyond is an inclusive education program that aims to develop both ‘work-ready’ skills as well as broaden the social networks of students with an intellectual disability.


Information security is the new competitive advantage

Protecting your company’s intellectual property is a non-negotiable business practice. Security of data and information has become the latest global business battleground with daily reports of hackings, viruses, phishing and Trojan horses invading and causing in some cases, irreparable damage to corporate and government systems.

Bespoke Training Delivers for Colas

With Benchmark Estimating Software now being used by companies in over 20 countries and by large corporations with operations across multiple countries, it was imperative that we adopt a bespoke approach to assist these clients with successful integration and implementation of our software. The Colas Group is one of our many clients to take up this offer and is a prime example of our commitment to empowering clients to increase productivity and profitability.