Colas Pologne prend le contrôle de ses estimations

Colas Pologne fait partie du grand groupe français d’ingénierie civile Colas. Suite à l’initiative du groupe Colas pour mettre en place le logiciel d’estimation Benchmark Estimating sur toutes ses activités en Europe centrale, Colas Pologne (Colas Polska Sp. Z.o.o) a noté des avantages significatifs lors de réalisation d’offres commerciales.

Colas Poland Takes Control of Estimating Challenges

Colas Poland is part of the major French civil engineering firm Colas group. As a result of the Colas Group initiative to implement Benchmark Estimating Software across its Central Europe operations, Colas Poland (Colas Polska Sp. z o.o.) is realising significant benefits with bids.

New Demonstration Video Series

Following very positive feedback to our first demonstration video, we continued with this initiative and now have five videos in this initial series. These videos provide you with an easy-to-follow visual demonstration of the power and ease of use of Benchmark Estimating Software, highlighting some of the most popular software features. Watch our first 5 […]

Celebrating 20 years anniversary of Benchmark Estimating Software

Benchmark Estimating Software was founded in 1996 and originally developed for civil contractors. Now, 20 years later, Benchmark Estimating Software is used by over 3000 users in multiple industries including the building and construction, landscaping, local government, road authorities, cost engineers, facilities management, mining, rail, energy, utilities, water and sewer.

WT Partnership Finds Easiest Route for a large government organisation

When faced with the challenge of easily making changes to a very large database for their client without having to go through every single project, WT Partnership (WTP) had no hesitation in selecting Benchmark Estimating Software.
WTP purchased a Benchmark corporate licence in December 2014 for their client, a large government organisation, and is currently in the process of building their database for 22 projects under their specific program.