Integration feature between Benchmark Estimating Software and Vista by Viewpoint demonstrated to Viewpoint conference delegates

As a certified Viewpoint Development Partner, we had an opportunity to demonstrate our established integration feature between Benchmark Estimating Software and Vista by Viewpoint to conference delegates.


Have you heard about BIM? Are you wondering what all the fuss is about and how it will affect you?

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It’s not a piece of software or a product, it goes beyond a 3D model and applies to more than just buildings.

Benchmark Estimating Software product overview video

This video illustrates how Benchmark Estimating can elevate your estimating to a smarter level, helping you to gain a competitive advantage. With a simple, intuitive interface, you are instantly able to access the powerful features that have made this software so successful. Learn how it can streamline your estimating process and help your organisation win more profitable projects.

Big machines, huge interest

With growing interest from Asphalt customers everywhere, we had pole position at the ‘World of Asphalt’ conference this year, showcasing our Benchmark Estimating Software. This year’s show, which was the largest ever with more than 7,000 registered attendees, took place from 17 to 19 March in Baltimore, MD, USA. We demonstrated our asphalt estimating solutions package to interested professionals and companies from across the industry.

Dedicated resource for marketing and product management

With the continued global growth of Benchmark Estimating, it was recognised that we would require a dedicated resource to focus on the areas of marketing and product management going forward.

Downer Technology Solutions report “many & far reaching benefits” throughout their business

Downer Technology Solutions are reducing risk, increasing operational efficiency, minimising double-entry of data & increasing the accuracy of their estimating & job management data. Read how Benchmark is helping them achieve these benefits & more…

Product development update

We always strive to ensure our customers are using the most up to date version of our popular estimating software. Following the release of the amazingly successful Version 7.6 in in September 2014, we are issuing a Service Pack to all our customers.

Exceeding client’s expectations & being more competitive – Benchmark delivers for D Group!

D Group implemented Benchmark in early 2014 and are already reporting time savings of 50%. This, plus the more accurate and consistent estimates Benchmark provides them, has helped D Group to be more competitive and exceed their client’s demands.