10 reasons why Benchmark is the perfect estimator for the water industry

Digital transformation is at the heart of what Benchmark strives to achieve in every single organisation and especially our clients in the Water sector. Gone are the days of complicated, error-prone spreadsheets and manual calculation which now been replaced by an easy to use, highly sophisticated and digitised estimating software and process.

Estimating has come a long way over the years. It is now one of the most important functions to perform before project commencement or when tracking any existing projects to ensure on-time delivery and control costs. Benchmark’s estimating software allows for this process to become completely digitised whilst providing high-level understanding and detailed analysis.

Here are 10 reasons why Benchmark is the perfect estimator for the water industry:

  1. Designed for the Water industry
  2. Maximise revenue and profit through highly specific estimating formulas
  3. Risk mitigation through cost projection and planning
  4. Increased efficiency through quick and accurate quotes
  5. Transparent system that tracks and reviews changes
  6. Effective data security and data recovery 
  7. Regionalisation through multi-language and multi-currency estimating
  8. Central register of estimates that protects your IP
  9. Inbuilt reporting to provide analysis and understanding of your organisation
  10. Easy integration with ERP / Accounting systems

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