Benchmark Estimating Software is used by many organisations around the world who benefit from our easy to use estimating software that allows them to improve their estimating processes and create better value for money for their clients. Below is what just some of them have to say about our estimating software, support services and training courses.

50% time savings… a great investment for us!

“For us it is money well spent, a great investment!  It’s all about the quality of the information that we can get out of the Benchmark software… I have to say that we have made a 50% saving in time for our quotations.’

Ben Moseley, Project Manager
D Group, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Many and far reaching benefits throughout our business

‘The major catalyst for using a commercial software package (over spreadsheets) was so the team could have a central repository for all estimates. However, we found that the additional benefits from taking on Benchmark Estimating Software were many and far reaching throughout the business.’

Sue Kapelli, Business Change Manager
Downer Technology Solutions, Auckland, New Zealand

The best technical support I’ve ever seen

“Thanks for all of your help Benchmark; your technical support is the best I’ve ever seen; mean it sincerely, we always get an answer right way! The software too matches your level of support; we used to use Excel for pricing we now use it for take-offs and scoping, and by using Benchmark as an estimating package we reduce our estimation time, deliver more accurate quotes and are increasingly achieving our targeted profits.”

Michael Requadt, Intermediate Estimator
City Care, Christchurch, New Zealand

Easy to get the software up and running

“… we found it surprisingly easy to get the software up and running across the six countries and there is now a reassuring level of consistency across our 50 or so estimators, despite their different skill sets and languages. ”

Boris Grintal, Chargé de Mission
Colas Europe Centrale, Vienna, Austria

World leading estimating software and support

“I would like to thank Benchmark Estimating for their support to the Highways Agency Commercial Division. Benchmark are the preferred software option for the UK Highways Agency estimating capability providing the Agency with world leading estimating software and estimating support. When I challenged Benchmark to assist in developing a true three point estimating capability for highways construction they rose to the challenge working closely with us to provide the scope and direction to manage this significant software element of the larger estimating development project. Benchmark completed the software development, tested the software and rolled out the solution on to the Agencies network 6 weeks ahead of schedule. This capability has given the Agency the ability to drive down capital costs whilst creating cost certainty for the capital program. Benchmark has worked hard to deliver this unique estimating capability and proves their commitment to deliver on time, cost and quality for their customers.”

Mark Gripton, Head of Total Cost Management Team – Commercial Division
Highways AgencyBirmingham, United Kingdom

Version 7.5 is great

“Version 7.5 has some great new features and benefits for all estimators. Composite Items is one of my favourites and allows me to price those “catchall” lump sum Items with greater flexibility and detail, allowing rapid quantity changes within the lump sum. The additional levels and sub-totals in the Item schedule are so powerful and ideal for many types of tenders, especially Government ones. How much easier can Benchmark make my life!”

Brian Salmond, Owner/Estimator
Big Fish Estimating Perth, WA, Australia

Convenient and cost effective online training

“I recently attended an online new user training course run by Benchmark Estimating and found the trainer to be a great teacher. They were very helpful throughout the duration of the course. Also, being New Zealand based, the online training was a much more convenient option for me and a cheaper alternative to face to face training.”

Jeff Denley, Utilities and Rural Contracts Manager
SICON Ltd Contracting, Darfield, New Zealand

A faster way to estimate

“Benchmark Estimating support has always been great in helping me find more effective ways to estimate. I recently quoted on a job that had many repetitive items and the support team ran me through how to turn these items into Routines. They also showed me how to use the Production Rate and Crew Size options to create flexible items that I was able to apply not only to that project, but will be able to apply across other projects in the future. It’s made my estimating faster and I’m again amazed by just how wide ranging the functionality of Benchmark is. The possibilities are endless!”

Tim Gleeson, Managing Director
Gleeson Civil Engineering, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Can be scaled up or down depending on the size and type of works

“I have been using “Benchmark Estimating” for many years now on various construction projects. The estimating package is easy to use and has the ability to be scaled up or down depending on the size and type of works being proposed. We have used the package on Civil works, residential projects, medium size commercial projects and an export housing system. We would highly recommend “Benchmark” to any prospective clients looking for a system that is flexible.”

Mark Bignell, Director
Bignell Concepts, Huskisson (Shoalhaven Region), NSW, Australia

Accurate estimating processes right from the start

“When starting my new business, one of the first things I did was to buy and implement Benchmark Estimating Software. It enabled me to provide my future clients and staff with accurate estimating processes right from the start. With Benchmark, I know that I’m producing competitive and professional quotes that will help me win more work, grow my business and allow me to analyse our work.”

Ben Holmes, Managing Director
Holmes Civil Developments, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Great flexibility and intelligent functions

“Not only is Benchmark Estimating Software a flexible and easy to use tool, its range and detail of reports consistently impresses my clients…Its great flexibility and intelligent functions make it all solutions to all Civil Engineering Estimates.”

Eoin McCloskey, Managing Director
Civils Cost Estimating Ltd, Northern Ireland

Improving productivity through improved system usability

“Benchmark has enabled us to improve our productivity through improved system usability and function. This in turn has allowed us to generate quotes and tender responses in a much shorter time frame. Sometimes, so many tenders come in at once…using Benchmark [Estimating Software] just takes the pressure off.”

Natalie O’Kane, Project Manager
Urban Contractors, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Quick and economical to integrate into our business

“Fantastic software and support!! Even though our Civil Construction team has only been using Benchmark for a few months, we have integrated it quickly and economically. This easy to use and functionally sound product has sped up our tendering process and created professional tender submissions with great accuracy. We build on the database daily, making it increasingly more efficient.”

Jason Agnew, Civil Estimator
Peachey Constructions, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Benchmark Estimating Software helps us remain competitive

“Benchmark Estimating Software has changed the way we do business. We can constantly analyse our projects, review at any time and adjust our pricing on further projects. Remaining competitive is our prime focus and Benchmark Estimating Software has helped with that. Since using the software (June 2008) as our sole means of estimating I have never looked back.”

Nick McCarthy, Owner
Urban Escape Landscape Contractors, Sydney, NSW.

Integration with On-Screen Takeoff is excellent!

“The integration developed by Benchmark Estimating with On-Screen Takeoff (OST) is excellent! I do my takeoff in OST and Benchmark Estimating Software imports the bill of quantities automatically. This saves me significant amounts of time and ensures that our Quotes are more accurate.”

Milo Clouston, Estimator
Harrison’s Landscaping, Sydney, NSW.

The best purchase I have ever made

“If you want to increase your market share the first thing you need is the best possible estimating software on the market, try Benchmark. I did 12 years ago and it was the best purchase I have ever made.”

Stephen Beeby, Owner
Groundwork Group Ltd, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Implementing a consistent estimating methodology

“With Benchmark Estimating Software, Programmed Facility Management will be able to provide a consistent and transparent method of estimating; and it allows us to implement common processes and best practices for all Programmed Facility Management users across the country.”

Rick Pelletier, Business Systems Manager
Programmed Facility Management, Adelaide, Australia

Good value for money and efficient estimate production

“Benchmark Estimating Software was selected by us because it was good value for what is a significant investment for our company, it has a user friendly interface and efficient estimate production and comes with good training and support from a company who wants to work with us.”

Vincent Baldwin, Director
WT Partnership Infrastructure, Auckland, New Zealand.

Benchmark Estimating provided invaluable assistance

“When the Highways Agency was looking for a supplier who could provide immediate expertise with estimating project costs in a more accurate and consistent way, Benchmark stood out as a talented consultancy that offered a unique service. Benchmark Estimating have provided invaluable assistance in preparing and reviewing the Agency’s major roads project estimates. Your work has always been timely and of the highest quality and we are delighted with the work you have done for us to date.”

Paul Doney, Change Programme Office Leader, Major Project Directorate
Highways Agency, United Kingdom

In-house implementation was extremely beneficial

“The training provided by Benchmark Estimating was very well received and the in-house Implementation was extremely beneficial. Benchmark Estimating went out of their way to tailor the Software to suit our business processes.”

Brett Beagley, Chief Executive
SICON Ltd Contracting, Darfield, New Zealand

More consistent estimating

“Glendale’s existing comprehensive lists of items and rates was made much more accessible and consistent using the Library database function in Benchmark [Estimating Software].”

Mike Dennys, Chief Estimator and Contracts Manager
Glendale, Exeter, England

Maximising profit and be more competitive

“We can make adjustments to our estimates in the future to maximise our profitability. Benchmark has saved me so much time and money. Overall, Benchmark [Estimating Software] has given me greater control of our costs; it makes our estimates, and Stone Will as a whole, much more competitive.”

David Black, Owner
Stone Will, Seven Hills, NSW, Australia

Produce estimates quickly and accurately

“We have selected Benchmark [Estimating Software] because, no matter what line of work each individual business unit is in, the software can produce estimates quickly and accurately. The software will be utilised in a way that can be rolled out throughout the entire organisation. Downer EDI Works is growing strongly and we were impressed with how quickly we can implement Benchmark Estimating Software into new business units.”

Peter Reidy, Chief Operating Officer
Downer EDi Works, Auckland New Zealand

Better than any other estimating system

“Benchmark Estimating Software is better than any other estimating system I have used at any other company. The Advanced User Course gave me many great hints and tips allowing me to utilise many more of Benchmark’s features. Benchmark [Estimating Software] is responsive to our requests and their overall support is excellent.”

Paul Sheridan, Estimator
Midwest Civil (now called Hazell Bros), Ballarat VIC Australia

Practical training

“We found the training for Benchmark Estimating Software to be a hands-on and practical experience run by professionals. Presented in a relaxed and enjoyable format, the course was comprehensive without being confusing.”

Mark Douglas, Estimator
SBc Contracts, Scotland

Professional and timely support services

“We have worked with the team from Benchmark for over 7 years and they have always provided BORAL with good, timely support. Their support services are quick to respond and give assistance whenever called upon. No problem is too great or challenging. The Training they provide is very professional and the new User Manual is well written and easy to refer to.”

Stephen Meredith, Business Support Analyst
BORAL Shared Business Services, Sydney NSW Australia

An excellent software package for construction

“The Quantity Takeoff sheet function is a most valuable and highly used function in my estimates. It allows me to attach detailed descriptions to my measurements which makes checking for omissions easy; it allows the project crews to follow my calculations and know exactly what is included in the project; and most of all it ensures accuracy in calculations. As an Estimator and Quantity Surveyor I find Benchmark Estimating Software an excellent software package for construction.”

Joe Franco, Estimator
Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, Sydney NSW Australia

Ease of use, flexibility and speed

“After trying the others – I returned to Benchmark Estimating Software – for its ease of use, its flexibility and its speed in putting the total bid together. The Subcontractor Manager aspect of the software allows me to change Suppliers and Subcontractors at a moment’s notice, with the added flexibility of locking in their quotes to my bid. Changing material costs couldn’t be simpler in Benchmark Estimating Software, two clicks and it’s done – no messy recalculations and respreading. What you see is what you get printed in the resource costs against the items.”

Brian Salmond
Big Fish Estimating, Perth, WA, Australia

Benchmark Estimating Software ensures fast, rational growth

“Benchmark acts as a central store for all the estimating knowledge in our company. We can create an Item in the Item Library broken down into its Resource components. Then for a new project with different parameters we only need to amend the existing Items. It also means that when we employ additional people the procedures will be established and they will become effective in a very short time. Benchmark will ensure that growth of our Company can occur rationally and quickly.”

Bec Davies, Assistant Manager
Hisway Earthmoving, Nowra NSW, Australia

Make staff happier

“Benchmark is very good for me because the less typing I have to do the happier I am. Benchmark’s many business reports allow me to review historical performance when I need to, which greatly helps when making business decisions. The software provides a good benchmark, pardon the pun, for producing our estimates because we know that our methods are standardised and our prices are accurate and consistent. The Word quote feature is also great; it improves the aesthetics of what we send to our client.”

Geoff O’Rourke, Chief Estimator
Allen’s Asphalt, Caboolture QLD Australia

Ideal for working to budgets

“Benchmark’s structure makes it very easy to drill down into your estimate in great detail, to allow you to plan your costs and work tightly with your fixed budget. It is also very easy to update to ensure accuracy; we recently had an increase in wages, and updating the costs for labour across all of our estimates and field projects was achieved from the one screen. The new Resource-based Export to Microsoft Project helps us to balance our demand for shared plant resources across council, so we can evaluate resource demand in the short to medium term to optimise the resource utilisation.”

Doug O’Brien, Asphalt Operations Manager
Brisbane City Works Asphalt Operations Group, Brisbane QLD Australia

A hallmark of our business

“Benchmark Estimating Software is a hallmark of our business.”

Danny van der Toorn, Director
The JDS Group, Cooma NSW Australia

Easy to use

“The Council took on Benchmark Estimating Software to ensure consistent estimating practices and because of its ease of use. Benchmark is a great estimating system for Councils and their training and support is very good. They also understand Local Government needs.”

Jack Mitchell, Design and Support Services Coordinator
Cairns City Council, Cairns QLD Australia

Day-to-day quotes and major projects with ease

“Benchmark can manage day-to-day quotes quickly and accurately as well as handling major projects quoting with ease. The ultimate benefit of using Benchmark Estimating Software is the ability to improve the business by easily and accurately comparing field performance to our estimates. Benchmark provides the ideal starting point for this.”

David Rodger, Project Manager National Rollout
Pioneer Road Services (now Fulton Hogan), Melbourne VIC Australia

Benchmark forms an invaluable knowledge base

“Benchmark stores all of our estimates in one data file. This data file also stores our standard Annual Rates which also includes Production Rates and Plant Availability, thus increasing the accuracy of job costing. Preparing an estimate in Benchmark is also easier and faster than in our previous spreadsheet-based system – press a few buttons and it’s done! That said, perhaps the greatest benefit of using Benchmark Estimating Software is the improved accuracy of our estimates. Benchmark forms an invaluable knowledge base for our organisation.”

Robert Hemington, Infrastructure Assets and Design
City of South Perth , Perth, WA, Australia

A competitive advantage

“We consider Benchmark offers good value for money and provides a competitive advantage to this company. We are reluctant to recommend this product to our direct competitors for fear of losing that advantage.”

Russell Drury, Senior Civil Estimator
Civil Estimating Pty. Ltd., Kiama NSW Australia

User friendly

“I have used Benchmark to compare with our previous system, with outstanding results… the program has been found to be user friendly and thinks the way an estimator does.”

John Gray, Design
Shire of Hinchinbrook, Hinchinbrook QLD Australia

Produce estimates for any type of Local Government works

“Benchmark is flexible enough to produce estimates for any type of construction work, because it speeds up the estimating processes and because it is great for determining the composition of your budgets. We ended up getting the estimate for the Main Road upgrade within 5% of the actual costs for the $750,000 project.”

Michael Jackson, Coordinator of Capital Works
Glenorchy City Council, Glenorchy TAS Australia

Flexible system to enhance financial management

“An outstanding feature is the opportunity to save Excel spreadsheets directly from clients with their project specific Schedule of Items, making it possible to create fast accurate quotations and submit them rapidly. Benchmark is a flexible system providing a multitude of features designed to enhance the financial management of landscape businesses.”

Kate Heffernan, Reviewer
Landscape Contractor Magazine - Australia

Control projects and analyse estimate versus actual figures

“The Project Review Export to Excel enables us to follow our actual costs from start to finish, which will help us to both control our projects, and to give us an analysis of our estimate versus our actual figures.”

James Simpson-Lee, Proprietor
Integral Landscapes, Hornsby NSW Australia

Improving the Win Rate

“Since purchasing Benchmark, our strike rate has been really good; we are winning all sorts of civil work in a range of different areas. Benchmark’s support and business expertise has been exceptional, and they are very helpful and responsive with support services and software modifications. I would say the overall experience with Benchmark has been very good.”

Barry Hezlett, Proprietor
Northpipe Constructions, Nambucca Heads NSW Australia

Outstanding implementation support

“Benchmark’s support with implementation has been brilliant. They have assisted us with implementation into our business systems and have also helped with project management for this task. Added to this, the software’s ability to link with our other systems is vital for proficient operations. We can also see great benefits in Routines, as we are able to price water or sewage pipelines and pumping stations by simply answering 7 or 8 questions regarding the job.”

Brendan Guiney, Development Design Engineer
MidCoast Water, Forster NSW Australia

Power Routines success

“Power Routines most definitely helped us to secure the Indigo Shire Roads Maintenance contract; it worked out the prices incredibly quickly and gave a more accurate indication of what each element of the job was worth. The resultant estimate was also more transparent. It is so easy to use, and the after sales support has been excellent.”

Janine Crameri, Estimator
GW & BR Crameri, Myrtleford VIC Australia

Ease of use & windows based feel

“Benchmark’s ease of use and windows-based feel has made estimating much more efficient in our Council. The system is also very flexible and we can easily customise it to suit our needs. One of the features I use a lot is the integrated email; this makes the whole estimating process much easier and faster. The reports are also fantastic we can instantly generate reports showing the total plant, labour, materials and subcontractor requirements for our works.”

Richard Munro, Estimator
Wyong Shire Council, Wyong NSW Australia

Save time and money

“Our ability to accurately estimate project costs has been critical in determining which projects and market segments we want to work in. We can now reliably measure the performance of field crews, geographic markets, customer segments, even estimators for that matter.”

Jim Carr, National Sales and Marketing Manager
Pioneer Road Services (now Fulton Hogan), Melbourne VIC Australia

An asset to our business

“Tendering for projects with Benchmark is cost effective due to the amount of time saved in preparing the costings. Benchmark’s reports are also excellent! A Client recently commented on the clear, professional layout of our Benchmark quotation, a Tender which we went on to win. Despite being several thousand kilometres away, Benchmark always provides great support. The software is an asset to our business.”

Ron Robinson, Managing Director
Robinson Civil Contractors, Townsville QLD Australia

Benchmark Estimating Software’s Progress Claim Feature is fantastic

“Benchmark’s Progress Claim feature is fantastic. Using our previous spreadsheet system, producing different claims for the different jobs we have running at the one time, took many hours and was fraught with potential errors. Benchmark’s Progress Claim feature makes our Claims process a lot more efficient and eliminates the possibility of mistakes. It works really well for us that’s for sure.”

Claudine McBeath, Financial Controller / QA Manager
Eire Contractors, Port Macquarie NSW Australia

Quick and Easy to use

“We originally purchased Benchmark as it suited our needs best. Benchmark also reacted very quickly to modify the software for the things we required. Benchmark’s support is very good, and we always get a response quickly. Benchmark is quick and easy to use, gives us a standard format for estimates, provides good report formats for different purposes, and allows us to have more control over the rates we use in our estimates.”

Derek Yarrow, Chief Draftsman Transport Planning
Moreton Bay Regional Council, Caboolture QLD Australia

We can’t do without Benchmark Estimating Software

“We can’t do without Benchmark Estimating Software. I can quote a small straight forward carpark from start to finish in half an hour now that I have modified it to suit our requirements. It’s that easy. The Training provided by Benchmark Estimating was very worthwhile and was one of the best things we have done. I love it!”

Sonia Broderick, Owner
ADH Plant Hire, Panton Hill VIC Australia

Return on Investment

“Having a database of rates that is easily maintainable, and being able to adjust estimates easily are just two of the benefits of Benchmark. The software is easy to pick up, and we have definitely gained a return on our investment.”

Troy Punnett, Construction Engineer
Shoalhaven City Council, Ulladulla NSW Australia

Benchmark Estimating Software is excellent!

“Benchmark is excellent! We can create new items in a matter of minutes. Our estimators can then be using the new rate in all their estimates immediately. No other estimating system would allow us to do this as easily. We’ve had great success with it – that’s for sure.”

Steve Poulton, Systems & Methods Engineer
Sutherland Shire Council, Sydney NSW Australia

Save time with excellent project management information

“I knew that Benchmark [Estimating Software] would provide us with a simple but highly effective system for improved estimates. Our people have found the software easy to use. It provides us with consistent, accurate estimates, saving time with excellent project management information.”

Dave Aber, General Manager
Moree Plains Shire, Moree NSW Australia