Water & Sewer Estimating Solutiong from Benchmark Estimating SoftwareIn the Water and Sewer industry, Contractors and Water Authorities are faced with a diverse range of conditions as well as the enormous array of materials that may be required in order to complete a Project. Benchmark Estimating Software helps you to tackle these challenges and more by offering you powerful Library based system that is easy to use, but most importantly very flexible to help you produce accurate prices for any type of project.

The central Resource and Item Libraries store all of your standard products and services in a systematic way so that your estimating is much more organised, consistent and accurate. Price lists from Suppliers can be imported electronically to ensure your quotes are always up to date, and you can capture your standard “Production Rates”, common “Variables” and methods of construction in the Item Library for optimum convenience and consistency when pricing jobs.

When preparing quotes, the powerful user defined “Variables” feature allows you to quickly change aspects like trench depths/widths or wastage to make your estimating much faster, relevant to the site and therefore more accurate.

The “Routines” feature is also a powerful tool for the Water and Sewer estimator. Routines can dramatically improve the speed of producing estimates for common Water/Sewer tasks. Benchmark Estimating Software’s unique “Water Estimator” product even includes pre-written Routines for Sewer Main Construction/Renewal, Water Main Construction/Renewal and Pumping Stations. These Routines have been developed in conjunction with Water Industry experts.


  • Routines

    Pricing repetitive tasks with many parameters is made easy with Benchmark Estimating Software’s Routines function. This unique function is not only suited for day to day quotes but also caters for more complicated items in larger estimates. Benchmark Routines take the guesswork out of your water estimating. Routines provide you with a list of questions, much like a checklist for the Project, which once answered produces the estimate for you in a matter of seconds.

    The example to the right is a Routine used to estimate the construction of a sewer main.

  • Power Routines

    If you price large Projects where you have many sites (e.g. streets, pipelines etc) and where there is a similar operation at each site, then Benchmark Estimating Software’s Power Routines will save you hours in your estimating. Power Routines automate large estimates and can build the estimate for you in just a few seconds.

  • Quantity Takeoff Sheets

    You can now perform detailed Item quantity calculations by using the Quantity Takeoff Sheets that are a standard feature in Benchmark Estimating Software. These sheets are presented in a spreadsheet format and can be created on a Project by Project basis or can be based off standard sheet templates from a Library.

    The Quantity Takeoff Sheet example to the right shows how you can use this function to accurately calculate the volume of numerous trenches.

  • Takeoff Integrator

    Benchmark Estimating Software offers clients the ability to integrate with On-Screen Takeoff, a quantity takeoff software from On Center Software. Our Takeoff Integrator feature imports your construction takeoff data from On-Screen Takeoff directly into Benchmark Estimating Software. Once imported and a Benchmark Project is populated with the values from your takeoff, you have the flexibility to use a variety of Benchmark Estimating Software features including Auto Allocate, the Item Library and Routines, to quickly create a price for your construction Project.

  • Progress Claims

    With Benchmark Estimating Software you can quickly and easily generate Progress Claims for your Project directly from your estimate. You can claim either by percentage or Quantity complete, and you can also handle Retentions from here.

    There are numerous Progress Claim report templates available within Benchmark Estimating Software including a one-page Summary (cover sheet), detailed reports Item by Item, a Claim Report with Options (so you can customise the format of the report), and a report showing summary data for the last four Progress Claims.

  • Export to Microsoft Project

    Our resource-based export to Microsoft Project automatically creates a gantt chart for your project. This powerful export automatically calculates the duration of each Item (activity) in your Project and exports the Resources and costs as well.

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