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Roads Authorities face the challenge of delivering a diverse range of capital works projects and asset management activities on time and on budget. Critical to this delivery is ensuring the price and timeline for projects are accurate from the beginning, and managing estimates as scope changes occur during the project life cycle.

Benchmark Estimating Software offers Roads Authorities a powerful estimating solution to handle this challenging scenario together with many other benefits. Our software is packed with unique features developed specifically for Roads Authorities and Asset Management organisation, is very easy to use which is ideal for the part-time estimator, yet powerful and detailed enough for more complicated projects.

Download our exclusive white paper - Can Cost Overruns be Avoided in Capital Works Projects? If So How?Our Software offers a central “Item Library” to store and maintain your standard Item rate buildups, helping to ensure consistency in pricing, improved productivity and greater accuracy. On top of these key benefits, Benchmark Estimating Software offers some unique features including:

  • Routines” for pricing repetitive tasks with many parameters – ideal for repetitive Asphalt Laying/Spray Seal tasks. “Routines” are also an ideal tool to price Concept estimates where limited information is known about a Project. You can even write your own “Routines’ to suit your organisation.
  • Power Routines” for pricing complete road maintenance estimates (e.g. a resurfacing project involving many Roads).
  • Regionalisation” which allows you to store Item/Resource rates for multiple Regions in the one database. This helps you to utilise one database for all of your Project estimates, and improves the consistency across the Authority. It also helps to ensure greater accuracy, facilities benchmarking exercises and improves knowledge management.
  • Three Point Estimating/Risk” is a specialist estimating method which produces a minimum, most likely and maximum price for a project(s) using probabilistic methods. It provides Roads Authorities with the data it needs to make more informed decisions for better budgeting and program development practices, better risk management, rapid sensitivity analysis and smoother project delivery. Read more

Key features for Road Authorities

  • Regionalisation

Regionalisation is ideal for Road Authorities as it caters to organisations that operate across a wide geographical area and who have costs that vary across said area. With Regionalisation, Benchmark Estimating Software gives you the ability to set differing prices for the same Resource in your Resource Library. You can also ‘regionalise’ most of Benchmark Estimating Software’s other Libraries and set permissions so that users only see the data that is relevant to them. When estimating, the price used for a Project is automatically based on where the Project is being constructed.

Together with the power of a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database, Regionalisation helps you to achieve a single (or reduced numbers of) estimating databases and less databases means greater cost control and consistency, more efficient administration of data and better business reporting.

Regionalisation is an exclusive feature of our Corporate Edition of Benchmark Estimating Software.

  • Power Routines

Benchmark Estimating Software allows you to price large Projects that have multiple sites with similar operations, such as road sealing projects using our Power Routines. By automating these large project estimates, you can build your estimate in just seconds saving you time and giving you more cost efficient estimating processes within your organisation.

  • Subcontractor Manager

The Subcontractor Manager within Benchmark Estimating Software allows you to import quotations from Subcontractors and Suppliers electronically to save time and increase accuracy. You can compare quotes on your screen and automatically update your road estimate with your selected Subcontractor or Supplier’s price.

  • Item Library

Your Item Library is a key repository for your corporate knowledge. It stores your list of standard pay items with their rates and rate buildups in one central database. Each Item contains a build up of Resources and can include standard production rates, variables and key assumptions. This feature help you to maintain your Item Rates in a structured and secure manner, helping you to achieve consistency and accuracy across your authority.

  • Three Point Estimating & Risk

Three Point Estimating and Risk (TPE) is an add-on for Benchmark Estimating Software and is designed for authorities responsible for delivering large or complex capital works projects and programmes. Using cutting-edge three point estimating techniques and Monte-Carlo simulation, Benchmark Estimating Software’s TPE feature provides you with a clearer and more accurate picture of the potential price variations for capital projects and programmes.

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