Precast Concrete Estimating Solution from Benchmark EstimatingBenchmark Estimating Software offers a flexible estimating software package and quantity takeoff software for the precast concrete industry. Whether you deal in architectural precast, structural precast or hollowcore flooring, Benchmark Estimating Software is suited to your business.

With Benchmark Estimating Software you can construct an estimate using resource-based estimating methods (labour, materials, subcontract, plant/equipment). This gives you the power to include as much detail as you require in your tender meaning our software is flexible enough to meet the individual needs of your business while remaining easy to use.

Our “Power Routines” feature is ideal for Precast Concrete tenders which involve many items, such as walls or flooring, where there is a similar operation for each element of the Project. Power Routines ensures efficient, consistent pricing of such tenders.

Benchmark Estimating Software makes preparing a price for your client very easy; you can utilise your database of rates in your “Item Library” to save time and eliminate the chance of leaving things out of your estimates. You also have access to powerful, time-saving features such as “Routines”, user-defined “Variables”, “Auto Allocate” and “Production Rates”. Benchmark Estimating Software also gives you the ability to import your takeoff data electronically, or import a bill of quantities issued to you by a Client from a spreadsheet.

Generating professional looking quotes in Microsoft Word (based on your own templates) is simple to do with Benchmark Estimating Software as is exporting your estimate data to Microsoft Excel and creating a program in Microsoft Project. You can also manage quotes from Subcontractors as well as creating Progress Claims and pricing Variations.

Key features for the Precast Concrete industry

  • Import/Export a Schedule of items

With Benchmark Estimating Software you can save time and eliminate potential costly typing errors by importing a schedule of items (bill of quantities) from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can also save your submission rates directly into your client’s original spreadsheet once you have priced your precast concrete Project. This makes it easier to keep track of your data and means you don’t have to worry about duplicated files clogging up your computer.

  • Auto Allocate

The Auto Allocate feature within Benchmark Estimating Software allows you to bid an entire estimate in just a few minutes by allowing you to automatically price the Items in your precast concrete estimate using the same (or similar) Items from your Item Library. It is ideal if you price schedules of items from the same client and their standard schedule or specifications rarely change. Benchmark Estimating Software’s Auto Allocate feature not only cuts down the time it takes you to do your estimates but it also increases their consistency.

  • Takeoff Integrator

Our Takeoff Integrator allows you to integrate with On-Screen Takeoff, a quantity takeoff software from On Center Software, in order to import your construction takeoff data directly into Benchmark Estimating Software. Once imported, your takeoff data is used to populate a Project within Benchmark Estimating Software. You then have the flexibility to use a variety of features including Auto Allocate, the Item Library and Routines, to quickly create a price for your precast concrete Project. The easy integration between the two software programs cuts down both your takeoff and overall estimating time meaning more cost effective precast concrete project estimates.

  • Quantity Takeoff Sheets

If you do not wish to use a 3rd party Takeoff Software to import takeoff data into Benchmark Estimating Software, you can instead use our standard Quantity Takeoff Sheets. These sheets allow you to perform detailed Item quantity calculations in spreadsheet format and they can be based off standard sheets from a Library, or created on a project by project basis.

  • Progress Claims

Benchmark Estimating Software makes it easy to issue your clients with Progress Claims as you can generate them directly from the software. Progress Claims can be made either by percentage or by quantity complete and you can also handle Retentions from within Benchmark Estimating Software.

There are a range of Progress Claims included in Benchmark Estimating Software including a one-page Summary (cover sheet), a Claim Report with Options (so you can customise the format of the report), detailed reports Item by Item and a report showing summary data for the last four claims made.

  • Subcontractor Manager

The Subcontractor Manager within Benchmark Estimating Software allows you to compare quotes from your Subcontractors and Suppliers within the software by importing quotations into the system. Once a quote from your Supplier has been decided upon, Benchmark Estimating Software automatically updates your estimate with your selected Subcontractor or Supplier.

  • Export to Microsoft Project

With Benchmark Estimating Software you can perform a resource-based export to Microsoft Project which automatically creates a gantt chart for your precast concrete project. The export automatically calculates the duration of each Item (activity) in your construction Project and exports the Resources and costs to Microsoft Project as well.

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