Our estimating software has its foundations in civil construction having been originally developed by our founder and CEO, Rob MacDonald, a civil engineer with over 25 years experience as a civil estimator. The result is an estimating system that is used by wide range of civil contractors, from small companies through to multi-national organisations.

Because we know that civil construction projects can vary significantly due to changes in site conditions and also diversity in the way clients specify schedules, we’ve developed a tool that is intuitive and nimble to take care of these types of variations with efficiency, consistency and, most importantly, with accuracy.

A “Load Spreadsheet” feature is available to import your client’s bill of quantities without re-typing data, and you can price these schedules with our “Auto Allocate” feature. Our “Production Rate” feature allows you to quickly adjust productivities to suit each job, and you can easily adjust user-definable “Variables” to make changes to other job specific parameters such as density and wastage.

Benchmark Estimating Software also allows you to produce professional quotes and progress claims. It will also create a programme automatically in Microsoft Project or Primavera, to make it easier to manage your project once it has been won.

If you do work in different geographical areas where pricing varies from region to region, you can use the same centralised database and the system, using our Regionalisation feature, automatically selects costs appropriate to the particular area.

Key features for the Civil industry

  • Import/Export a Bill of Quantities

Save time and eliminate typing errors by importing a bill of quantities directly from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once your Project has been priced, you can save your submission rates directly into the original spreadsheet thus cutting down on confusing, duplicated files and reducing the risk of errors.

  • The Item Library and Auto Allocate

Our Auto Allocate feature is perfect for civil contractors pricing numerous schedules of items from the same client where the standard schedules or specifications are similar. With the Auto Allocate feature, you can bid an entire civil construction cost estimate in minutes by automatically pricing the items in your estimate using items from your pre-existing Item Library or from another Benchmark project.

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  • Routines

Pricing repetitive civil projects with numerous parameters is made easy with Benchmark Estimating Software’s Routine function. Routines are suited to a host of projects from small, road repair quotes through to more complicated items in larger civil construction estimates. Routines take the guesswork out of your civil estimating by providing you with a list of questions: all you need to do is answer these questions and the software does the rest.

  • Regionalisation

Regionalisation is a must have feature for civil contractors who work over various regions as it allows you to set different price for the same resource (plant, labour, material or subcontract) in your resource library, depending on the geographical area in which it is to be used. You can also ‘regionalise’ other Benchmark Estimating Software libraries and ensure that your users only see data that is relevant.

Exclusive to the Corporate Edition of Benchmark Estimating Software, Regionalisation helps you to achieve a single, nationwide estimating database. This helps you to achieve greater cost control, more efficient data administration and greater consistency across your estimates. Additionally, because Regionalisation allows your offices to estimate in the same database, the process of collecting and reporting sales information is simplified, which can save your people days of work every month.

  • Microsoft Word Quote Templates

With Benchmark Estimating Software, you can create your own quote templates in Microsoft Word and automatically export your estimate data to these templates. This enables you to prepare consistent, professional quotes for your clients, ensuring that you stand out from your competitors.

  • Progress Claims

Progress claims are easy to produce with Benchmark Estimating Software. You can set the claim feature so that it either works on percentage or quantity complete. These valuations include the ability to allow for retention.

You also have multiple progress claim reports available to help you better manage the process of billing your clients.

Click to enlarge the example of a progress claim to the right.

  • Subcontractor Manager

Our Subcontractor Manager allows you to seek, analyse and compare quotes from subcontractors. Quotations are stored electronically and automatically update your estimate with your selected Subcontractor or Supplier’s price. The fact it happens automatically not only relieves the boredom of retyping subcontract or supplier prices, but also can save you many hours of work.

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  • Automatically create a Programme in Microsoft Project or Primavera

Benchmark Estimating Software automatically creates a schedule in Microsoft Project or Primavera. The export creates a gannt chart with the duration of each activity automatically calculated. All you need to do is add logic links between the activities. The software will even transfer resources and cost data in the same easy operation.

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